The soft, powdered sand of Emerald Bay Bahamas warms your feet as you stroll alongside the magnificent turquoise ocean. Teeing off on the world-renowned golf course, you look out across the bay at the luxurious Grand Isle Resort & Spa. You pull over in your golf buggy to tour the Marina filled with majestic luxury yachts, ready for an exciting sea voyage.

The soft, powdered sand of Emerald Bay Bahamas warms your feet as you stroll alongside the magnificent turquoise ocean. Teeing off on the world-renowned golf course, you look out across the bay at the luxurious Grand Isle Resort & Spa. You pull over in your golf buggy to tour the Marina filled with majestic luxury yachts, ready for an exciting sea voyage. Your hired speedboat skims along the water on your day trip to Pig Beach at Staniel Cay as the famous swimming pigs paddle out to meet you.

The Exuma Cays are an archipelago which makes up a little over 50% of the Bahamas’ Out Islands. Beginning just 56 km south-east of Nassau, and with a total of 365 Cays in the Exumas, there is an endless supply of pristine sights and fascinating attractions to be found. Little Exuma, the archipelago’s southernmost island, falls directly on the Tropic of Cancer, giving the name to the famous Tropic of Cancer Beach. The real beauty of the Exuma Cays is how accessible they are from the USA. Just an hour’s flight from Florida will have you lounging on these marvellous beaches and soaking up the Bahamian sun.

The Grand Isle Resort at Emerald Bay Bahamas.

When visiting Great Exuma, most people come for one reason only. Emerald Bay Bahamas is an exceptionally beautiful bay on the coast of the largest of the Bahamian Out Islands. The shimmering water and light waves create the perfect coastal atmosphere for your getaway. Not only is there a fantastic 18-hole golf course and two luxurious resorts, Grand Isle Resort & Spa and Sandals Resort, but Emerald Bay Bahamas also offers you the chance to go on day trips to a number of the other picturesque Exuma Cays.

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Emerald Bay Bahamas: A Golfer’s Paradise

Emerald Bay Bahamas is one of the world’s most luxurious settings in which to play a round of golf. Standing on the immaculate, sweeping lawns of the golf course provides you with an excellent view of the Grand Isle Resort & Spa. The golf course is set right on the water’s edge, with the vibrant green colour standing out against the incredibly light turquoise of the ocean. To enjoy a round of golf in the Exumas Bahamas is to immerse yourself in the undeniable luxury of Emerald Bay Bahamas.

Play golf at Emerald Bay Bahamas

Emerald Bay Bahamas is known for its excellent beach and exceptionally clear water. The fact that the coastline is also taken up by the world-class golf course of Sandals Emerald Bay Bahamas is something many people don’t realise. The golfing legend, Greg Norman, designed this spectacularly scenic championship course. 18 holes of Golfer’s paradise await you, with the gentle, intermittent coastal breeze ensuring that no two rounds are alike. There is no doubt that flights to Great Exuma are worth your time simply to set foot on the incredible Sandals Emerald Reef Golf Course.

Not only is the course the Caribbean’s longest, it is also widely considered to be the very best. Your round of golf will take you through a range of paradisiac settings. Starting out on the first 9 holes you will be playing through sand dunes, sprawling mangroves and palm trees. The golden orange light of the sunset further enhances this fantastically picturesque scene. The second half of your round will take you along the rugged peninsula of Emerald Bay Bahamas. Teeing off beside the glittering Bahamian ocean is an experience you are sure to never forget.

The Emerald Bay Golf course at the Sandals and  Grand Isle Resort & Spa

Sandals Resort at Emerald Bay Bahamas are the proud owners and operators of this fantastic golf course. Home to luxuries such as world-class restaurants, excellent bars, Spas and a 17 acre Marina to dock your private yacht, this resort’s facilities match the premium quality golf course.

The pleasure of a round of golf is always a relaxing and entertaining way to spend your time. Fortunately, if you’re staying at the Grand Isle Resort & Spa in the Exumas Bahamas, then you will already have a golf buggy at your disposal. There is nothing quite like rolling along the spotless lawns of an award winning golf course beside the shimmering ocean in a golf buggy.

Bahamas Vacation Villas at Staniel Cay Bahamas Exuma

Grand Isle Resort & Spa

The Grand Isle Resort & Spa is the paragon of Caribbean luxury. Walking amongst Grand Isle’s 78 phenomenal villas gives the same impression as a high-class gated community in the USA. One of the world’s most picturesque beaches, Emerald Bay Bahamas, backs the impressive white buildings. The brilliant turquoise water sets an excellent backdrop for these exceptionally beautiful resort grounds.

Surround yourself in luxury at Emerald Bay Bahamas.

The Grand Isle Resort & Spa offers a wide range of world-class amenities. Excellent beachside restaurants serve truly delectable Bahamian cuisine. After a couple hours soaking up the sun on Emerald Bay Bahamas beach, you can either take a dip in the ocean or in one of the resorts fantastic pools to cool off. The state of the art fitness centre and spa are also open to all the resorts visitors. The Grand Isle Resort & Spa even offers a pre-ordered grocery package. This means that your rooms will be stocked with fresh groceries before you arrive. With all of these excellent facilities and considerate services, you will fall into an immediate state of relaxation.

To make your stay more comfortable, Grand Isle Resort & Spa on Exumas Bahamas provide a golf buggy for each of their guests. This means you can not only tour the golf course in a buggy but the entire resort as well. It allows you to truly take advantage of your relaxing holiday in every way possible. Whether you want to take a slow, scenic drive along the coast, or down to the sparkling white beach, the immense convenience of the buggy will not go to waste.

Emerald Bay Bahamas is home to the Grand Isle Resort and Spa, Sandals Emerald Bay and a championship golf course. Beautiful beach at Emerald Bay on Exuma Island in the Bahamas out islands.
Apartments and homes at the Grand Isle Resort and Spa

Flights to Exuma Bahamas from Florida will transport you to some of the Caribbean’s most spectacular and accessible islands. Great Exuma, along with the 364 other Exuma Cays, epitomises pristine, coastal paradise. To visit the Exumas Bahamas and stay at splendid accommodation like the Grand Isle Resort & Spa is to treat yourself to luxury of the highest quality.

Exuma Cays

Flying above the Exuma Cays is an absolutely phenomenal experience. To look out your window and see all the pristine islands dotted in the ocean is an exceptionally beautiful sight. The fascinating vistas of these islands combined with the freedom of flight make for an experience unlike any other.

A total of 365 cays makes up the world-renowned archipelago known as the Exuma Cays. These islands are so spectacular that a number of celebrities own a collection of them, including Johnny Depp. Great Exuma is the biggest of the cays. It also provides a very accessible hub for travellers to visit the incredible Exumas Bahamas. Flights to Great Exuma will allow you to explore a number of the islands stretching up to the north. Since there are 365 islands, boating alongside every one of them can easily take up a full day. That’s without stopping to enjoy the numerous fantastic attractions that this archipelago has to offer.

Flights to Exuma Bahamas, flying over the exumas bahamas, to emerald bay and the grand isle resort & spa
Flying over the Exumas Cays

One of the very best islands to visit during your tour of the Exumas Bahamas is Staniel Cay. Located roughly half way up the archipelago, this marvellous island is in close proximity to a number of unique attractions. Each of these attractions brings in thousands of visitors each year. The most popular island to visit nearby Staniel Cay is Pig Island because of the famous Exuma Pigs. You will be met with a very peculiar sight as your boat nears the island. Dozens of pigs swim out to meet you, their snouts raised in the hope of being fed a tasty morsel.

You can immerse yourself in the James Bond theme of Staniel Cay at the annual Bond Casino Royale night. To enhance this Bond theme, you’ll also have the chance to rent a speedboat and visit the sunken wreck of a drug smuggler’s plane! If you really are a James Bond fan, then you can visit Thunderball Grotto, the site for one of the more memorable scenes of the 1965 Bond film ‘Thunderball’. The beauty of a trip from Emerald Bay Bahamas to Staniel Cay is that, while you can stay in accommodation on the island, you are able to visit the island during a day trip from Great Exuma. This means that Floridians are able to come and visit all these spectacular attractions in a weekend. Flights to Exuma Bahamas are exceptionally quick, taking no more than 2 hours, allowing you to explore the phenomenal islands, interact with the Exuma Pigs and enjoy the pristine beauty of Staniel Cay.

The Exuma Pigs are swimming pigs found in Staniel Cay in the Exumas on the out island bahamas. The staniel cay pigs will swim out to your boat to visit you. You can also go swimming with these swimming pigs.
The Exuma Pigs are swimming pigs found in Staniel Cay at Pig Beach

Whether you’ve booked flights to Great Exuma to enjoy Emerald Bay Bahamas or to explore the phenomenal Exuma Cays, you won’t be disappointed. The Exuma Pigs of Big Major Cay are an excellent attraction, all the more reason to visit Staniel Cay. The beauty of Staniel Cay cannot be overstated. If you’d like to read more about this fantastic island and its excellent surroundings, be sure to take a look at our Staniel Cay article

Swimming with Pigs Tours Bahamas with Bahamas Air Tours. Bahamas Day Trips to the Swimming Pigs

Little Exuma

Little Exuma can be found off the south coast of Great Exuma. The two picturesque islands are attached by a small single lane bridge. The drive across this bridge alone provides a scenic tour of the picture-perfect Exumas Bahamas. You will be met with views of pristine, untouched beaches bordering crystalline waters and backed by lush vegetation. While touring Little Exuma’s coastline you will find several spectacular sand bars, bays and beaches.

Masters Harbour Cay on the Exumas in the Bahamas out islands.
Masters Harbour Cay on the Exumas

Some of the beaches are so beautiful, in fact, that they were even used as sites for the filming of two of the Pirates Of The Caribbean movies. Two of the stars, Johnny Depp and Orlando Bloom, spent hours on this island during filming. Even though Depp’s private island was not too far off, they would still spend their time off-camera enjoying the sights and enjoying meals and drinks at Santana’s open-air beach shack.

During your visit to Little Exuma in the Exumas Bahamas, you will have the chance to visit the salt ponds nearby the island’s Williams Town. The incredibly still ponds were once used as salt mines during the days that Little Exuma had plantations on it. These ponds have since become an interesting landmark and attraction. Little Exuma is also steeped in fascinating history. You can uncover the ruins of 18th-century plantation buildings while exploring the island’s numerous footpaths.

Beach on Little Exuma, the Exumas Bahamas,; close to tropic of cancer beach
Little Exuma Beaches

Flights to Great Exuma will transport you right onto Little Exuma’s doorstep. There is no doubt that this exceptionally stunning island and its series of divine beaches will provide you with an unforgettable trip. Lying back and soaking up the sun in the Exumas Bahamas with the fantastic coastal air flowing around you and the glorious turquoise water rolling onto the sparkling white sandy beach is a recipe for the perfect vacation.

Tropic of Cancer Beach

While Little Exuma boasts an entire coastline of extraordinary beaches, Tropic of Cancer Beach is by far the most beautiful. Named because of the meridian line that crosses right through it, this beach welcomes hundreds of tourists each year. Not only is it one of the Exumas Bahama’s most beautiful beaches, it is also the island’s longest. Stretching out in a long crescent shape along the northeastern coast of Little Exuma, this beach borders some of the country’s clearest and most vibrant turquoise water.

Tropic of Cancer Beach on Little Exuma part of the Exumas Bahamas
Tropic of Cancer Beach on Little Exuma

While the powdery sand and brilliant water may be one of the most popular sights in the Exumas Bahamas, it is highly unlikely to bump into other tourists during your visit. The beach stretches such a long way, that even if you were to visit at the same time as someone else, you would still feel as if you were on a private beach. Since the sand bank carries out far into the ocean, this site is perfect for a relaxing swim. The glittering ocean water flows around you as you dive under the surface, marvelling at the incredible clarity of the water.

Tropic of Cancer Beach on Little Exuma part of the Exumas Bahamas
Tropic of Cancer Beach on Little Exuma

There is nothing quite like enjoying delicious fresh seafood on the very shore from which it was fished. At the southern end of the Tropic of Cancer Beach you will find Santana’s ‘Fish Fry‘. Here you can refresh yourself with a local Kalik beer and dig into some authentic Bahamian seafood. Dishes on Santana’s menu include conch, a traditional delicacy, and Bahamian lobster. To enjoy these taste sensations while sitting on this picture-perfect beach is an outstanding way to experience the Exumas Bahamas.

Tropic of Cancer Beach on Little Exuma part of the Exumas Bahamas
Tropic of Cancer Beach on Little Exuma part of the Exumas Bahamas

Of all the places to visit on Little Exuma, Tropic of Cancer Beach is one of the very best. The ocean and sand set the scene for the perfect coastal getaway. To think that booking flights to Great Exuma from Florida can have you sipping on a tropical drink on this stunning stretch of beach is truly incredible.

Flights to Great Exuma

What makes Great Exuma so fantastic is how incredibly accessible it is. You can book flights to Great Exuma on most international airlines including American, American Eagle, Delta and Air Canada. The island has two airports, Georgetown, which welcomes domestic flights mostly from Nassau on Sky Bahamas and Flamingo Air, and The Exuma International Airport at Moss Town. Each of these has great facilities that ensure you’re out of the airport and onto the beach in no time. Flights to Exuma Bahamas are also particularly short when flying in from Florida. This means that you can be soaking up the sun on these spectacular beaches within a matter of hours.

Flights to exuma bahamas, George Town airport on Exuma
George Town airport on Exuma

Great Exuma is, in fact, the most accessible of all the Out Islands of the Bahamas. What this means is that flights to Great Exuma are the most direct route to enjoy the incredible Out Island experience. Whether you’re hoping to visit Staniel Cay and the famous Exuma Pigs or enjoy your time at the phenomenal Emerald Bay Bahamas, flights to Exuma Bahamas are for you.

Paradise in the Exumas

The unparalleled beauty of the Bahamian Out Islands has been marvelling visitors for decades. Sites like Emerald Bay Bahamas and Staniel Cay offer exceptionally beautiful vistas and incredible activities. There is something in the Exuma Cays archipelago for everyone. You’ll find James Bond themed Casino Royale nights and fascinating submerged plane wrecks on your tour of the Exuma Cays. The traditional Bahamian cuisine is a mouthwatering blend of seafood flavours and spices. The excitement of hiring a speed boat or the leisure of touring islands on a golf buggy are both great ways to enjoy the Out Islands experience. Whatever it is that you’re looking for, there is absolutely no doubt that Emerald Bay Bahamas and the excellent Exuma Cays will provide the perfect tropical getaway.

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Flying over the Exumas Bahamas islands
Flying over the Exumas Bahamas islands

If you’re just about ready to book your flights to Great Exuma so you can enjoy the beauty of Emerald Bay Bahamas, be sure to read through our Bahamas Travel Guide. Also, don’t forget to book your accommodation at Emerald Bay Bahamas in advance to enjoy your visit in the lap of luxury. 

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