The Bahamas: A spectacular collection of the world’s most stunning, unspoilt and untouched tropical islands. This week we are island hopping the Bahamas by piloting our own plane on the ultimate adventure across the Bahamas Out Islands.

Teaming up with another Professional Pilot, Oli from Pilots Paradise, we will be bringing you the very best in Flying and Travel. We are inviting you to join us on this epic voyage LIVE! You can follow us on Facebook and Instagram for exclusive content.

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The only true way to “Island Hop” in the Bahamas is by Plane. Whilst the Bahamas is considered a Boaters Paradise, flying these remote Islands by plane offers the most flexible and expeditious mode of transport. We are navigating our way across 7 of the Out Islands: Eleuthera Island, Cat Island, Long Island, Staniel Cay, Exuma, San Salvador and Abaco Island. The Out Islands are a collection of 700 beautiful coral lined islands, 100% unspoilt and untouched, they are scarcely populated boasting tropical islands with deserted beaches and exotic wildlife.

Our journey begins in Florida USA, from where we will fly our aircraft across to the Bahamas and begin our Island Hopping Tour. Follow along LIVE with exclusive photos on our Facebook page.

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Harbour Island, Eleuthera Island: 25.503559, -76.631527
Cat Island: 24.189353, -75.341492
Schooner Cays: 24.936257, -76.420898
Long Island: 23.658990, -75.306473
Staniel Cay, The Exumas: 24.174633, -76.440210
Emerald Bay, Exuma Island: 23.622979, -75.913553
San Salvador Island: 23.990017, -74.496918
Abaco Island: 26.588527, -77.239380


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Day 7: Schooner Cays & Abaco Island

We had another chance to take in the astounding views across the Schooner Cays on our flight from San Salvador to Abaco Island. One of our longest flights in the Bahamas, it took us 2 hours and 15 minutes to make the journey.

Flights to Bahamas and flights to North Eleuthra from Florida and Miami. FLight seeing across the Schooner Cays for the ultimate bahamas vacation.
Flight seeing over the Schooner Cays
Flights to North Eleuthra, flying over the Schooner Cays. The ultimate Bahamas vacation, flights from florida to bahamas you can visit Harbour Island, and the Pink Sand Beach. At Staniel Cay Bahamas you can visit the Exuma pigs also known as the Swimming pigs, and the Bahamas Iguana, James Bond Thunderball Grotto.
The beauty of the Schooner Cay can only be discovered from the air

Abaco Island is one of the larger Bahamas Out Islands and has the 3rd largest town at Marsh Harbour, which we flew into. Marsh Harbour is an international airport with aircraft handling, FBO services, AVGAS fuel and customs for the entry and exit process.  Adorned with beautiful beaches, the largest number of marinas – sailing is big here, and a rich cultural history that can be found at Hope Town.

Treasure Cay Beach, the Bahamas Abaco Island. Looking for the best Abaco Island Hotels? The Treasure Cay Resort at Treasure Cay in the North of Abaco is set on the white sand beach of Treasure Cay with a private Marina and airport nearby.
Treasure Cay Beach on Abaco Island

Day 6: San Salvador

Flying to the Out Islands Bahamas to San Salvador Island for a Bahamas Vacation. Pilot Mark from flyingandtravel is flying alongside Pilot Oli from pilotsparadise. Flying from Florida to Bahamas by plane. The Ultimate Island Hopping adventure.
Flying into San Salvador Island

Today we flew from the Exumas across to San Salvador Island. San Sal, as the locals call it, is the landing site for Christopher Columbus in 1492 on his voyage to discover the New World. As the most easterly of the Bahamas Islands, it was always going to be the first of the islands to be discovered by these pioneering European explorers. A white cross marks the spot that Columbus stepped foot on San Salvador.

The Columbus Monument, San Salvador Island. Commemorates when Christopher Columbus first landed in 1492 on his quest to discover the New World. San Salvador is one of the Bahamas Out Islands and should be visited on your Bahamas Vacation
The Columbus Monument, San Salvador Island.
Sunset over the Bahamas; Travel to the Bahamas for the ultimate Bahamas Vacation.
The Sunsets over the Bahamas Islands

Day 5: Exuma

Flying along the Exumas from Staniel Cay (swimming pigs) to George Town and the Tropic of Cancer Beach. Exuma is the Out Islands Bahamas.
Flying along the Exumas from Staniel Cay

We’ve flown from Staniel Cay in the very north of Exuma, down to Georgetown in the south of Exuma. The long thin chain of the Exuma islands provide incredible flight seeing on this route. We visited the Tropic of Cancer Beach, located on the Tropic of Cancer! It’s a white sand beach with the most beautiful and vivd blue colours; every shade of blue.

The Grand Isle Resort at Emeral Bay, Bahamas. Is an exclusive resort on Exuma Island, one of the Bahamas Out Islands. WIth a whitesand beach and championship Emeral Bay golf course
Emerald Bay and The Grand Isle Resort & Spa

Tonight we are staying at the Grand Isle Resort & Spa at the stunning Emerald Bay, which we flew over (pictured above). The Grand Isle Resort is a luxury beach resort and a Golfer’s paradise; The Emerald Bay Golf Course is a championship 18-hole golf course designed by Greg Norman, and the longest golf course in the Caribbean.

Playing golf at the Emerald Bay Golf course and the Grand Isle Resort and Spa. The Emral Bay golf course is a Golfer's Paradise: its a 18-hole championship course designed by Greg Norman.
Playing golf at the Emerald Bay Golf course designed by Greg Norman
Maria Harbour Cay on the Exumas in the Bahamas out islands.
Every Shade of Blue: Maria Harbour Cay on the Exumas

Day 4: Staniel Cay

Half way through our Island Hopping tour now, and Day 4 took us on a flight from Stella Maris (Long Island) to Exuma’s Staniel Cay. Overflying the full length of Exuma, we passed many private islands which reportedly belong to Hollywood superstars.

Flying into staniel cay for the exuma pigs, known as the swimming pigs. Staying at the Staniel Cay Yacht Club is one of a few exclusive Staniel Cay Hotels. Also at Staniel Cay is the Thunderball Grotto and bahamas iguanas.
Flying into Staniel Cay Airport

Staniel Cay is situated in the rich turquoise blue waters which have become all too familiar during our time here in the Bahamas. We took out a boat out for the day, in true James Bond style, visiting the Thunderball Grotto – made famous by 2 James Bond films, Thunderball and Never say Never Again. But Staniel Cay’s most famous attraction has to be the Swimming Pigs. Also known as the Exuma Pigs, these swimming pigs will greet you beside your boat, in the hope you bring them food to feed them!

The Exuma Pigs are swimming pigs found in Staniel Cay in the Exumas on the out island bahamas. The staniel cay pigs will swim out to your boat to visit you. You can also go swimming with these swimming pigs.
The Exuma Pigs are Swimming Pigs found in Staniel Cay in the Exumas

A short boat ride south of Staniel Cay and we reach the secluded Bitter Guana Cay, home to the Bahamas Rock Iguana which is an endangered species. Wading through the crystal clear water, having jumped off our boat, we approach the empty beach. But then with a rustling in the undergrowth that surround the beach, the Bahamas Rock Iguanas appear.

The Bahamas Rock Iguana can be found on a small isolated beach at Bitter Guana Cay, a short boat ride from Staniel Cay on Exuma.
The Bahamas Rock Iguana can be visited from Staniel Cay
Boating at Staniel Cay Yacht club where you can rent a small boat and go visit the exum pigs, swimming pigs, bahamas rock iguana, thunderball grotto from James Bond films.
Boats can be rented from the Staniel Cay Yacht Club

Day 3: Long Island

Long Island emerges on the distant horizon from our cruising altitude. The billowing white cumulonimbus clouds part as we make landfall, greeting us with spectacular views of Cape Santa Maria. 

Flying over Cape Santa Maria on the Long Island, Bahamas
Flying over Cape Santa Maria on the Long Island, Bahamas

Columbus landed on these rugged northern shores of Long Island. A small monument on the clifftop overlooks the pounding ocean which erodes at the feet of their limestone walls. Long Island, has been a true adventure for us. Travelling from North to South we visited the stunning beaches on Cape Santa Maria, Plantations, Mangroves and the worlds deepest blue hole.

Flying over the Columbus Cove on the northern tip of Long ISland in the Bahamas out islands.
Flying over the Columbus Cove on the northern tip of Long Island
The cliffs guard the entrance to the Columbus Cove, one of the Landing sites of Christopher Columbus on Long Island, the Bahamas out islands
Columbus Cove; one of the Landing sites of Christopher Columbus on Long Island

Day 2: Schooner Cays and Cat Island

NASA Astronaut Scott Kelly described the Bahamas as “the most beautiful place on earth viewed from Space“. I can see why.

Bahamas AirTours: Flying across the Schooner Cay. Flyingandtravel and pilotsparadise flying a plane island hopping across the Bahamas. This is a Pilot Paradise and the ultimate Bahamas Vacation. FLights to Bahamas, Bahamas charter flights can be taken from Florida to the Bahamas Islands.
Flying over the Schooner Cays

The Schooner Cays are a stunningly beautiful collection of white sand bars and turquoise blue waters. Flying over these Cays is like flying into another world. It’s strange because the cloud cover was fairly thick over Eleuthera Island, behind us, and then all of a sudden as we flew over the Schooner Cays the blue sky opened out in front of us, revealing this hidden gem.

Mark from flyingandtravel, Oli from PilotsParadise island hopping the bahamas by plane, is the ultimate Bahamas Vacation. Flights to North Eleuthra, exuma pigs, swimming pigs, emeral bay bahamas, grand isle resort, Staniel Cay airport, long island, san salvador, the exumas and abacos island treasure cay.
You can only view the beauty of the Schooner Cays from above

From the Schooner Cays our flight path took us over Little San Salvador Island where the Atlantic Ocean was crashing onto the coral reef, and then onto Cat Island with our landing at Hawk’s Nest airfield. Cat Island is the pure, unspoilt, authentic small island experience. We visited Plantations (Pictured below), a cave with Fruit Bats, beaches, the Bahamas highest point at the Hermitage (Pictured below). But nothing compared to a junkanoo parade, organised especially for us! What an amazing experience; this is the real, authentic Bahamas Out Island experience.

The Andrew Deveaux Great House plantation on Cat Island Bahamas, is one of the op things to do in the Bahamas on a Bahamas Vacation, island hopping the out islands.
The Andrew Deveaux Great House Plantation on Cat Island Bahamas.
The Hermitage, Cat Island is built on the top of Mt Alvernia, the highest point in the Bahamas Islands.
The Hermitage, Cat Island, the highest point in the Bahamas Islands.

Day 1: Florida to Eleuthera Island

It was a gloriously blue-sunny day in Florida, the day before we would set off on our voyage across to the Bahamas. We had all the flight planning done, charts, manuals, flight plans, customs forms and export clearances. Our Archer PA28 light aircraft was fully fuelled and ready to go. But the weather forecasts we’rent looking good. A cold front was fast approaching the east coast of Florida, bringing with it severe thunderstorms and high winds! All the forecasts gave us a very small window to depart on thursday morning, we had to get going at day break to beat the weather.

Taking flights to bahamas from florida, this was the sun rising behind a cold front on our epic adventuire island hoppin the Bahamas
Stormy Skies over Florida

So we departed from Vero Beach Florida, with a spectacular sunrise emerging from those thunderstorms just over the coastline. But would they block our passage across to the Bahamas? After flying south towards Palm beach, we found the edge of the Cold Front and successfully continued with our ocean crossing.

Landing on schedule in North Eleuthra Airport, on Eleuthra Island we cleared customs and took a speed boat ride across to Harbour Island. The original capital of the Bahamas, Harbour Island has a beautiful collection of colonial style buildings, rich in British heritage. But the real gem of Harbour Island is the Pink Sand Beach. This pristine beach, picture postcard perfect, has a slight pink colour to the sand from the coral.

Pink sand beach on harbour island bahamas is home to the exclusive pink sands resort on eleuthera island in the out islands Bahamas
Pink Sand Beach on Harbour Island
Colonial Dunmore Town on Harbour Island, Eleuthera Island the out islands Bahamas.
Colonial Dunmore Town on Harbour Island

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  • Great photos!

    Grew up in Exuma,George Town,born in Long Island…

    Was in George Town,in January……

    Swam at Sandal’s beach.

    Thanks for sharing!

    • Thanks Agness, yes they are truly stunning. “The most beautiful place on earth viewed from Space” is how some astronauts describe the view! Stay tuned, I’m returning to the Bahamas (Nassau this time) in June to launch our Bahamas Travel Guide!


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