Easter Island (Chile) is a remote island in the south Pacific Ocean famous for it’s Moai, stone head statues.

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I would highly recommend hiring a car and exploring the wonders of Easter Island at your own pace. This is one of the remote places on Earth, avoid the tour bus, this time! Navigate with my interactive Easter Island driving map.

Where is Easter Island located?


Why is Easter Island called Easter Island?

It was in the early 18th century when Dutch explorer Jacob Roggeveen was sailing the south Pacific. In his exploration, he “discovered” the island on Sunday, April 5, 1722 — which just so happened to be Easter that year on the Christian calendar.

Ahu Akapu
Ahu Akapu

Easter Island Weather

The weather is dominated by the air mass over the Pacific Ocean which means it says relatively mild all year round. In winter a temperature of about 15 degrees Celsius and in summer around 25 degrees Celsius.

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