The swimming with sharks Bahamas attraction of Compass Cay is quickly becoming one of the most sought-after day trips to Bahamas. Imagine a one day cruise to Bahamas through the air, soaring over a majestic blend of vibrant colors — turquoise, greens, and shades of blue as far as the eyes can see. You’re laid back in your comfy private Bahamas air charter seat while you fly over what astronauts consider the most beautiful part of Earth from above.

You are on your way to Compass Cay Bahamas where you will get to take the daring plunge into the water with the Exuma sharks. Will you brave it or will you travel all the way from Florida to Bahamas to miss your chance of a lifetime?

Flights to Bahamas have become ever more frequent and affordable which is why many have chosen to travel to the islands to swim with nurse sharks Bahamas.

Compass Cay Bahamas is full of surprises near Staniel Cay. Swim with sharks nassau on your Bahamas day trip to Staniel cay.
Compass Cay Bahamas is full of surprises near Staniel Cay.

Things you need to know to go swimming with sharks Bahamas:

There are a few things you should know before you go swimming with nurse sharks so you have no stress during your trip. Allow us to help you out. . .

Where are the Compass Cay Sharks

The sharks are located on Compass Cay (obviously) which is located about midway between Nassau and Long Island, halfway up the long chain of exotic islands known as the Exuma Cays. There is 252 miles in between Compass Cay and Miami — a distance that can be covered in a little under an hour by plane — including clearing Bahamas immigration customs.

How to get to the Compass Cay Marina

The easiest way to get to Compass Cay is by way of a day trip tour. Usually, most ferry companies won’t take you there (which is good as it adds to its exclusivity.) You will most likely have to find a local fisherman to bring you from Staniel Cay Yacht Club (if your tour doesn’t provide an included water taxi and tour guide.) It is not impossible to get there from Staniel Cay with a fisherman, but it is a lot easier with a guide.

The Compass Cay Marina used to collect the sharks as pets and now it is a sanctuary. Compass Cay Bahamas is an adrenaline-seekers paradise!
The Compass Cay Marina used to collect the sharks as pets and now it is a sanctuary.

History of Compass Cay Bahamas

Believe it or not, the sharks came to Compass Cay as pets. The owners of Compass Cay Marina soon realized they were going to be a lot more than pets. As soon as tourists took an interest, they quickly re-branded as a sanctuary for the sharks. Now, it isn’t sure exactly how many Bahamas sharks stop by the Marina, but it appears more than a few dozen, at least.

More information about the Nurse sharks Bahamas

Swimming with sharks Bahamas is not dangerous. They are bottom-dwelling creatures who feed off coral and shellfish that live at the bottom of the sea. They mostly hang out in shallow waters because of this. The Marina at Compass Cay is generally where you can find them because of the shallow water.

They can grow anywhere from 10-13 feet at full-length with a brown-ish, slimy outer appearance. Their tailfin can grow up to 4-feet in length, too, and you may feel it brush up against you as they glide by you.

They got their names (known as both reef and nurse sharks) from hanging out in the reefs and because of the sounds they make as they search for food on the seafloor — a sucking sound like a nursing baby.

The Compass Cay sharks are harmless to humans. Swim with nurse sharks Bahamas at the Compass Cay Marina.
The Compass Cay sharks are harmless to humans.

Your experience: Compass Cay swim with sharks Nassau day trip

You will have up-close-and-personal interactions with large reef sharks. This is not an ‘if’ sort of situation. If you are not prepared for the adrenaline, then don’t wager. The sharks are, for the most part, habituated and used to tourists wading around their habitat. When there are a lot of people in the water, there tend to be fewer sharks in the shallows at the Marina.

Occasionally, you will feel one of the sharks rub up against you. Be prepared so you are not startled by the touch. Their outer layer is slimy and will feel strange to the touch. Don’t reach to pet the sharks, just let the interaction happen and stay calm. The best thing to do if you are feeling anxious is to remember the reef and nurse sharks are harmless and safe to be around!

To swim with nurse sharks Bahamas, you must be aware of their sheer size — and they will appear even larger magnified under the water. Many people don’t anticipate their size which is what can be most intimidating. These are powerful creatures who will leave you alone if you leave them be.

The Compass Cay Marina is filled with nurse sharks Bahamas. Go swimming with sharks bahamas vacation attractions !
The Compass Cay Marina is filled with nurse sharks Bahamas.

Etiquette for swimming with sharks Bahamas

It is important to remember for your swimming with sharks Bahamas experience that these are still wild creatures. Behave accordingly while you are wading in the water with them. They should not be mistreated or teased at any time and caution should be used at all times.

Swimming with nurse sharks is not dangerous. As we have stated, these creatures are not man-eaters. However, their teeth and jaw are still powerful enough to crunch through rock-hard coral and, if threatened, they will act in self-defense.

Avoid any worries by abiding by the few rules of etiquette posted at the marina.

Swimming with sharks Bahamas is one of the most exciting attractions of the Exumas. The Compass Cay sharks are harmless and fun!
Swimming with sharks Bahamas is one of the most exciting attractions of the Exumas.

What to do nearby Bahamas swim with sharks: Staniel Cay day trips

Swimming with sharks Bahamas is the best thing to do at Compass Cay (although there are several completely underrated beaches on the island which don’t get enough attention because of the Bahamas swim with sharks attraction. However, the sharks are by no means the only thing to do around the area. The Exumas is filled with adventures and beautiful landscapes. Here are a few other things to do in Staniel Cay and around Compass Cay Marina:

  • Staniel Cay Yacht Club
  • Pig Island
  • Thunderball Grotto
  • Staniel Cay Plane Wreck
  • Pipe Creek Sand Bar
  • Bitter Guana Cay

. . . And more!

Bahamas swimming pigs tours to Pig Beach

No Bahamas vacation is complete without a visit to the Exuma pigs in the Bahamas. Matter of fact, swimming with pigs Bahamas tours are the number one attraction in the country. Florida to swimming pigs tours exploded in 2018 when they were visited by over 6.6 million people from all around the world!

Almost any Miami to Bahamas day trip will visit these famous pigs — and the proximity makes it highly attractive to day-trippers.

You can couple a trip to the Bahamas sharks with an experience swimming with pigs — plus more such as searching for endangered iguanas and snorkeling over a sunken cartel plane. There are unlimited possibilities on your day trip and swimming with sharks Bahamas is not the only adventure to be had.

The Nurse sharks Bahamas can grow up to 13-feet in length. Go swimming with sharks Bahamas on your day trip to Bahamas.
The Nurse sharks Bahamas can grow up to 13-feet in length.

Book your swim with sharks Nassau tours today!

So, you want to take a ride on the wild side and go swimming with sharks Bahamas style? Lucky for you, you can book a Compass Cay Marina day trip with Bahamas Air Tours who will take you all over the Exuma Cays to forge memories that will last a lifetime.

Bahamas day trips by plane have changed the game in terms of accessibility to the Out Islands you can cover in a limited time. No matter where you are coming from — either Nassau or Miami — the Compass Cay sharks are just a short flight away.

Swimming with sharks experience with Bahamas Air Tours. Bahamas day trips by plane.

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