Laid out, sipping from a straw of the fresh coconut in your hand, watching the clouds roll by on a blanket of soft white sand on your swimming pigs Exuma tours — this is what relaxation is all about. Not to mention the calming sway of the overhead palms and quiet whistle of the Caribbean Sea breeze. Your Bahamas day trip is off to a smashing start and you can’t get enough of the peace of mind brought to you by the Exuma Cays.

Of the 700-some-odd islands which make up the country of the Bahamas, the Exumas consist of more than half. Those 365 islands, cays, sand bars, and islets which get its reputation as being the untamed half of the Bahamas are a perfect getaway for those looking for true seclusion and something more representative of Bahamian culture.

But there is more to do on your Swimming Pigs Exuma day trips than play in the sun with the Exuma pigs in the Bahamas. A whole adventure awaits! There are some things you should know about swimming with pigs and the whole Staniel Cay day trips itinerary which will allow you to enjoy the swimming pigs tours to the fullest. Let us give you the details.

Exuma Pig Beach is usually a hot place for tourists. Swimming pigs Bahamas and Swimming pigs Exuma are the same, but there are a few copycat beaches.
Exuma Pig Beach is usually a hot place for tourists.

Here’s what you need to know about the Swimming Pigs Exuma adventure of your dreams!

Just as you may have heard, flights to Bahamas make a world of difference when taking an Exuma Pig Beach tour. Your Florida to Bahamas vacation takes on new life with endless possibilities as soon as you board your Bahamas air charter. Here’s why:

1. You will beat the crowds to the Bahamas swimming pigs

Hundreds of tourists visit Big Major Cay each and every day. Usually, the ferries will arrive before noon but not many people can reach the island before that time. You have the opportunity to have a ton of alone time with the pigs if you can manage your way there before that.

The best way to arrive at the pigs early? By flying. You can get to Pig Island in under an hour and give yourself ample time for pig interaction before you just become one of many crazed tourists trying to get their selfie with the pigs.

By the time the tourists arrive and the madness pursues, you could be long-gone and chasing more adventures on your one day cruise to Bahamas.

Female snorkeler in Bahamas Sea, Exuma Cays
Snorkeling in Bahamas Sea, Exuma Cays

2. You will get to feed the Exuma pigs

Not only will you beat the hordes of tourists flocking to Pig Island every day for some special seclusion, you will also be the first ones to feed the pigs if you so wish. This means they will be licking their chops to take the food you feed straight from your hand.

Other tourists who arrive later will be disappointed to find out that the pigs have filled themselves silly and, perhaps, won’t want to be fed anymore.

3. You will have your very own swimming pigs Exuma expert as a guide

Our favorite benefit of Bahamas day trips by plane is the fact that your pilot will also double as an expert tour guide. Most pilots of these planes have spent substantial time either living and traveling to/from the Bahamas. That means they have retained a great deal of information and can answer just about any question you throw at them about this jaw-dropping region of the country.

Take advantage of the fact that you can gain a lot of knowledge about the Bahamas and don’t be afraid to start a conversation!

Bahamas Day Trips by Plane with Bahamas Air Tours. Fly from FLorida and Nassau to Swimming Pigs at Staniel Cay Exuma

4. You will see Pig Beach Bahamas from a perspective few have

Unlike on the ferry ride, you will get to see this beautiful region from a new perspective; a bird’s eye view.

Astronauts have been quoted over history for saying the Bahamas’ Exuma Cays are the most beautiful view on Earth when viewed from space. On your tours to Pig Beach, you will be afforded the unique opportunity to see what all the buzz is about.

Gazing from your viewing window aboard the aircraft, you will see dazzling, sparkling shades of blue, luscious greens, and dashing white sand beaches.

The views are incredible in the Exuma Cays. The Swimming Pigs Exuma attraction is not the only thing to experience in this Bahamas day trip fairytale.
The views are incredible in the Exuma Cays.

5. You will travel to Exuma Pig Beach in a private party

One of the most underrated aspects of traveling to the Swimming pigs Exuma by plane is the fact that you get to do so with your own private party. You wouldn’t believe how much time is wasted by taking the ferry — waiting in security queues for gobs of complete strangers who you shouldn’t be forced to wait on. Instead, you will be in the exclusivity and company of your own friends and family who will undoubtedly make the trip an overall better experience.

6. You will have the discretion to choose your own swimming pigs Bahamas tour itinerary

When you take the ferries on the swimming pigs Exuma tours, you don’t have much freedom. Actually, you hardly have any decisions to make at all. Some people like this aspect of a vacation. However, if you have a wandering spirit, you’d likely rather choose where you go.

Luckily, if you take a Bahamas air tours, you are able to build your own trip schedule. Once you are in the private water taxi, it will take you wherever you want to go and whenever you want to go. Just tell the guide when you are ready to leave any particular attraction and he will take you wherever you want to go next. But what do you have the chance to see? Let’s go over all that is offered. . .

The Exuma pigs love the attention! Swimming pigs Exuma tours are usually busy, so arrive early. Book a swimming pigs bahamas tour today!
The swimming pigs love the attention!

7. You will get to do more than see the swimming pigs Exuma

When on a Swimming Pigs Exuma Tour by plane, you will get the chance to adventure away from all the tourism mess that becomes the Swimming pigs Bahamas around midday every day.

From Big Major Cay, you could technically swim to Thunderball Grotto which you might consider doing as to not backtrack. From then on, the choice is yours. That is the benefit of taking a plane to the Bahamas because it affords you flexibility in your itinerary. You might stop by for a swim with sharks at Compass Cay or choose to snorkel over a sunken Colombian cartel airplane used to transport drugs. Or, perhaps, you’d rather spend your day at a hidden oasis that is the Pip Creek Sand Bar. There are a dozen-or-more options and we’ve only covered a few. The choice is yours!

8. You can travel from Florida to swimming pigs quicker than you think

With the introduction to the day trip plane to the Bahamas, you can now get to the Exuma Out Islands in under an hour. That is incredible for those with limited time as it allows you to experience more of the Exuma Cays in a day than ever before.

Don’t just do the normal tourist stops — experience what makes the Out Islands truly special by island hopping around some of the most gorgeous scenery you will ever see.

9. A Nassau to Staniel Cay day tour is also available

Not leaving from Florida? No problem — you can take a day trip from Nassau to the Exuma Cays which will arrive at Staniel Cay in under thirty minutes! That’s more time to spend soaking in the great adventures which await you listed above! Your Swimming pigs Exuma tour just got even longer and better.

Here at Pig Beach Bahamas, life moves slower and the views are better. Take an Exuma Pig Beach day tour to go swimming with pigs.
Here at Pig Beach Bahamas, life moves slower and the views are better.

Book your swimming with pigs tours to Pig Beach Bahamas today!

The best swimming pigs Exuma tour is the one which will leave the longest-lasting impact on you and your family. If you experience more, there is more to remember and therefore the more you will remember. Don’t settle for a day trip visiting just the Bahamas swimming pigs. Go further, explore more, and have the time of your life by flying to the Bahamas.

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