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Next LIVE destination: Nassau, Bahamas

Previously visited:

Fort Lauderdale, 29th November (Read More)


West Palm Beach, 24th October (Read More)

Discover West Palm Beach, Florida’s wealthy and luxurious neighbourhood Read More @flyingandtravel ——————- West Palm Beach – where Palm Tree lined avenues front million dollar mansions. A short distance from Miami, this hub of super wealthy neighborhoods transports you back in time to the Gilded Age; a prosperus time of development in the 1920s when mansions were designed as temples of marble and riches. But its not all about the white sand beaches; explore the arts and music scene in downtown West Palm beach, from sculpture gardens to outdoor murals, there are enough free things to do in West Palm Beach for every traveler to put this town on their places to visit. Got a question for an Airline Pilot? ✉[email protected]

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Miami, 1st September (Read More)


The Bahamas Out Islands, 14th August (Read More)

Staniel Cay, the Bahamas, 15th July (Read More)


Nassau, the Bahamas, 10th June (Read More)


Rio de Janeiro, 15th April (Read More)

Join us this Easter weekend exploring Rio de Janeiro LIVE! Read more @flyingandtravel ——————- With white-sand beaches, lush green mountains, a rich cultural history and world re-known landmarks; Rio de Janeiro is more than just blessed; As Christ the Redeemer gazes down on this sprawling South American metropolis, and the rhythm of the world’s largest Carnival reverberates with millions of Brazilian revellers partying on the streets; Rio is more than just something special. It has a presence like no other city, which will leave you with a sense that Rio really is one of the greatest cities in the World to visit. ——————- Why every traveller must visit Rio de Janeiro READ MORE: ✈ @flyingandtravel ——————- Got a question for an Airline Pilot? ✉[email protected]

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Bahamas, 24th March (Read More)

Island hopping the Bahamas by Plane. Follow us LIVE! @flyingandtravel We did it! Day 8 and we are safely back in Florida, after the most amazing adventure across the Bahamas. ——————- Join us this week on an incredible journey Island hopping the spectacular Out Islands Bahamas by plane; a Pilot’s Paradise. 1 Plane, 2 Pilots, 7 Islands in 7 days; This is the true way to Island Hop, by plane, no other mode of transport allows such freedom to explore whilst enjoying the amazing views from the air. Astronaut Scott Kelly described the Bahamas as “the most beautiful place on Earth from space”. ——————- Island Hopping the Bahamas READ MORE: ✈ @flyingandtravel ——————- Got a question for an Airline Pilot? ✉[email protected]

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Bali, Indonesia 14th March

LIVE! in Bali, Indonesia. Follow @flyingandtravel Bringing you the best destinations from around the world LIVE!

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Lima, Peru 12th February

LIVE in Lima, Peru. Follow @flyingandtravel

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Chamonix, French Alps 18th January

New York, 31st December

Jamaica, 24th December

Bucharest, 3rd December

LIVE in Bucharest, Romania, Europe. ————— Follow @flyingandtravel for more travel LIVE!

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Hong Kong, 16th November

(Read my 7 things to do in Hong Kong)

Barbados, 5th November

Bermuda, 23rd October

Marseille (France), 15th October

Milan (Italy), 8th October

Milan’s Duomo Cathedral. LIVE in Milan, Italy this Weekend.

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San Francisco and Silicon Valley, 1st October

The Flying and Travel website and social channels were launched LIVE from Silicon Valley on the 1st October 2016. Read more about visiting Silicon Valley in my article: Silicon Valley: The Ultimate Tour for Techies

I’m LIVE in San Francisco launching my Travel Blog this weekend. Stunning view over the Golden Gate Bridge right now!

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